About My Rating System

So some people asked me how do I review movies or what rating do I put, well in my case, I do what most of the critics do but I only use 4 grades instead of using A+, A-, etc. Also, I grade parts of the movie, for example, I grade the acting and I also grade the directing but they are two different grades because I can say that the acting was A but the direction was B.

A: Outstanding (means is perfect)

B: Achievement (means is good)

C: Partial Achievement (means that is not good)

F: No Achievement (means is really bad)

NA: Not Applicable (is not being evaluated by it) (also this are mostly for visual effects and or animation in my reviews)

And at the end of the movie review I put the grade of the whole movie, Example:


Alien: Covenant: B

Also, I will have like a chart, it can be understandable if you get the point, if you see that I underline and/or I put in red it means that got that grade, like this:

Adopting a character well interpreted with a compelling performance that makes the audience care about it or understands it. Acting Actors interpret compelling performances beyond a reasonable doubt and make the audience care or understand them 100% and it finds a big hole in the movie that if they removed them it will completely change the tone of the movie. Actors interpret sufficient performances to make the audience care or understand them how the movie wants it to be. Actors interpret partial performances that don’t fit the character that is interpreting and makes them imperfect characters with a little hope for them. Actors interpret poorly performances without a doubt and do not make the audience care or understand them because of the poor acting.

And right before the trailer section, there is the grade section like this:


So you already know, if you don’t see the underline or highlight in red, please post in comments and be sure that doesn’t say NA