Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises                                               By: Andrés García Aguirre

Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense

Runtime: 165 minutes or 2 hours and 45 minutes

Recommended Ages: “PG-13” (USA) or “12+” (Colombia)

As Christopher Nolan, next movie “Dunkirk” is around the corner. I’ll review all of his movies he has directed between “Following” leading to “Interstellar”.

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Adopting a character well interpreted with a compelling performance that makes the audience care about it or understands it.  




Actors interpret compelling performances beyond a reasonable doubt and make the audience care or understand them 100% and it finds a big hole in the movie that if they removed them it will completely change the tone of the movie. Actors interpret sufficient performances to make the audience care or understand them how the movie wants it to be. Actors interpret partial performances that don’t fit the character that is interpreting and makes them imperfect characters with a little hope for them. Actors interpret poorly performances without a doubt and do not make the audience care or understand them because of the poor acting.
To make a coherent script that follows with believable characters, introduction, plot, and resolution, making a believable story that the audience can follow it. And it achieves what it wants.  






Script and Story

Makes a coherent script with an awesome story that the audience can follow it and enjoy it because of their compelling characters, great plot, introduction, solution and the tone. The script and story achieve expectations and has more of what it wants to offer for the movie and the audience. Makes an adequate script and story with few flaws that don’t affect and will not ruin the tone of the movie, and also makes decent characters, plot,  introduction, and solution. Achieves what it wants to offer for the movie and the audience. Makes a limited script with some flaws that affect the movie, either in the story and/or characters, and makes a vague plot, introduction, and solution. Achieves what it wants to offer for the movie but is not what the audience want it to be. Makes a script with very poor writing with awful characters,  lots of flaws that affect the movie, messy plot, introduction and solution that completely changes the tone of the movie. Does not achieve what it wants to offer.
To maintain a consistency of style and quality throughout the movie, by making the shots and scenes be entertaining for the audience.  








Makes beautiful shots and sequences accuracy and refreshing with great quality and style, for the audience to feel pleased about it throughout the film. Makes appealing shots and sequences with good quality and style that makes the movie looks good. Makes shots and sequences with bad quality and style that doesn’t affect the tone of the movie but it looks bad. lacks quality and style in the shots and sequences that make the movies looks really bad.
Making the visual elements such as Props, Costumes, Furniture, Makeup, Hairstyling and Setting, believable and that fits with the tone of the movie by making the story more appealing and interesting, in which the audience can follow it.  



Art Direction

Makes the film look gorgeous with all the props and settings that make the experience of the movie more realistic, and it brings the feels. Makes the film look good and appealing with all the props and settings that make the experience of the film be good. Achieves the art direction bases such as Props, Settings, Furniture, etc, but poorly represented, and it doesn’t feel watching because of it. Does not achieve nonart direction bases such as Props, Furniture, Settings, etc. And because of it, it looks awful and you wouldn’t watch it because of it.
Make the audience perceive wisely the sound, score, and the film edition by its techniques that make the film even better Music, sound, and film edition



Makes a Score, sound, and the edition of the movie appealing to the audience, refreshing to hear and watch, and also makes the film even greater. Makes a Score, Sound and the edition of the movie good for the audience, and they can appreciate it and makes the film be good. Makes a Score, Sound and the edition of the movie look ok but at the same time bad, and it destroys the magic of watching a movie. Does not Achieve a Good Score, Sound, and edition and makes the audience hate it or makes them be annoyed by it.
Makes the film by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation to make the film looks gorgeous in all the ways in the light  






Makes the shots and scenes with accuracy and looks gorgeous with the tone of the movie and the light that is being put there to make the audience entering the world of the movie. Makes shots and scenes with good photography and light that it was put for the audience feel it and be engaged with it. Makes shots and scenes look ok but not sufficient effort to look good or feel good about it. Doesn’t make accurate shot and scenes with style and it looks horrible the lighting and the tone of the movie because it’s poorly made.
Makes CGI appealing and gorgeous for the audience and perceive it wisely and make it believable.  

Visual Effects



Makes the visual effects look gorgeous and believable for the audience and makes it love more the movie because of it. Makes the visual effects look good and still believable but it needs more effort into it. Makes the visual effects look not so good, because of their bad rendering and it looks bad sometimes. Makes the visual effects look bad and poorly made, and always the CGI looks like a cartoon, but really bad.
Making the illusion of motion and encompasses a variety of techniques to make the movie look real or good, refreshing and entertaining (NA)  







Makes the animation looks realistic in a way the audience can feel that exists in our reality and makes refreshing and appealing to watch. Makes the animation look good, sufficient to be entertained by it and be happy about the product. Makes the animation look ok, despite their hard work, it does not achieve what it wants to offer. Makes the animation look really bad and poorly made with a bad system that makes the film look bad.
Makes an entertaining movie that despite the hard work it tries to be a movie with all these other criteria mentioned, it only tries to be more action or comedy, and is mostly to be enjoyed by the product and to make the audience be pleasant about it.  





Makes the audience feel happy in the final product with the plot, introduction, solution, characters, etc for all genres, and is the point of watching a movie, to be good (Mostly in action and comedy). Makes the audience be good with the final product, not the perfect for the audience but enjoyable. Makes the audience be fine or ok about the movie, despite the flaws with the movie itself it gets what it wants. It doesn’t achieve the audience attention on the movie and despite the movie great (or sometimes bad)critics review, the movie for the audience was bad for them.


“The Dark Knight” for me is one of the best superhero film ever made and also the majority of the people think that too. It is in 4th place of the best movies of all time in IMDb. When “The Dark Knight Rises” came out, everyone was excited about that movie, and they thought that it was going to be better than “The Dark Knight” and it is not. And that is where the hate comes from. Some people can say that it was bad just because it was not better than “The Dark Knight”. That is why I don’t get the hate, people trash talk this movie a lot and it is just because it was not better than its predecessor. And when you actually go deep in the movie you can see lots of good things about it. The direction (As always), the cast, the cinematography, Hans Zimmer music is also amazing in this movie and for me better than it is in “The Dark Knight”. The script is fantastic. Again Nolan brought us a good movie that although is not better than its predecessor it is a perfect movie that concludes this trilogy in a good way. And would I recommend it? Yeah but don’t think that is going to be better “The Dark Knight” because it will disappoint you, but if you for a good Batman movie with open expectations you will certainly have a good time.


Next Nolan movie is: “Interstellar”





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